Grandpa’s distinctive chuckle
Grandma’s wry comments
The twinkle in Auntie’s eyes
The pain in Great Uncle’s voice
Joy – regret – amazement –
embarrassment – laugher – surprise:
These are the cherished expressions
in “Voices of My Heritage.”


Everybody has a story. Every story matters.

The voices and gestures of elders who have passed – our parents, grandparents, and even great-grandparents if we’re lucky enough to have known them – are fond memories for us, but memories fade with time. It’s wonderful to have photos and written histories of our ancestors, but only a Video Memoir, or Life Story Video*, can capture their Voices – their unique expressions, their individual ways of sharing their stories. (See Ancestry)

Video Memoir Excerpt

Through this video Patricia speaks directly to her two sons.

Preserving Seniors’ Life Stories on Video

When seniors* record their Life Stories, they give their descendants a priceless gift by communicating their experiences and their insights for the benefit of future generations. They preserve memories, and more importantly, they share these memories in Motion and Sound. How they tell their story – the attitudes and emotions connected to the story – is at least as important as the story itself. (See Elder Legacy)

“I love that I’m telling this story to someone who isn’t even born yet.”

Life Story Video Excerpt

Luis tells one of his family’s Christmas traditions.

“Stories of Our Family” Project

Videosyncracy is a video production company that produces the Voices of My Heritage videos. We at Videosyncracy facilitate the collection of Life Stories by your extended family into your own video library that we call “Stories of Our Family.” The collection becomes a Family Album or Family Tree in motion and sound, and it can be accessible via the Internet to family members in many places in the world. For more information, go to the “Stories of Our Family” page.

* – NOTE: We use these terms interchangeably: “Video Memoir” and “Life Story Video.” The same is true of “elder” and “senior.”